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Featured in DeMode Global Magazine Interview with Author  Joy L. Brite Summer Edition 2021

Passion + Purpose + Performance = Success

Life is the simple way to always find your solution. This is the perfect equation to succeed in one’s life. Ask yourself this question to break ground in succeeding in life.

What are you proud of yourself? (Not pride getting in the way). What are you truly proud of yourself?

After answering that question now list out what you are truly proud of yourself. Here is how the equation P+P+P+=Success works to apply in one’s life.

Passion is what you choose to be passionate about. What drives you?

Purpose is what meaning you give to your passion. What type of meaning are you giving your passion?

Performance is what action will you take for your passion to come to life? Whether you show low performance or being a high achiever, it is up to you to be at a slow or at a fast pace. What you are willing to put in is what you are willing to give out. Don’t make excuses for your performance.

Success is what results you receive for your goal to be accomplished. What have you accomplish?

3 simple steps in Learning

  • What are you filling your mind with? (being manipulated or learning for your abilities to grow)
  • Connect the dots.
  • Nourish your mind. Be a sponge for learning.
  • You have been given this vessel. How are you taking care of your vessel?
  • Taking care of your body is more than just eating right.
  • Your wiliness shows how you will take care of your body.
  • What is the relationship you have with your soul?
  • Through the power of prayer & meditation can strengthen your divine connection.
  • Feeding & Freeing your soul is what you allow yourself to nourish your spiritual connection from the divine.

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Messages for Today purpose is to bring inspiration in your life. How you can learn from life lessons to help guide you along your path.

Plus, Challenging you the reader to look more in-depth in one’s life. Inspire you & provide information that inspires you to keep persevering in one’s life.


Introducing Joy L. Brite Spritual-Business series: The Leader Within.

This read is to be an easy read in one’s busy life and a huge impact. ‘Pillars in Business series : The Leader Within. Book 1’ ; ‘Productive Talking Book 2’; We Are All Working Book 3.
Be inspired and motivate yourself learning to be self-aware, not live in fear and to striving with purpose to continue learning on your path.
Get a paperback copy on Amazon or get it for free with kindle unlimited.

Joy 3 Studios

How you can bring inspiration in your life & smile.

Plus, Sharing life experiences, stories, prayers & giving inspirational feedback to help inspire you to persevere in one’s life.

Never GiveUp! No Matter what your situation is. You are alive today to be that purpose of living a life with purpose.

I believe in YOU! I am proud of YOU! May your heart be filled with JOY!

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