The Cloak of Fear

Have you ever had a nightmare that you almost believe it was real? Remember that feeling of having an overwhelming, almost an uncontrollable feel of fear come over you just like a cloak was thrown over you. But this cloak of fear is thrown on you and you don’t know was it is until you take a look at this cloak. Then this overwhelming feeling of being so scared you stop in your tracks on your path.

I had this happen to me but in real time. This was not a nightmare but the hell I will put myself through in my own life from stoping on my path and not persevering to become by true potential. This was at the time I decide I need to take care of myself from being a workaholic. I needed to see that I can take care of myself again like I use it before I put too much focus on work.

That was the best decision I made in such a long time. I enter the transformation challenge and took on the challenge. I made a plan and apply myself. I saw how I was holding myself back so much. Just because of my bitterness, misled information, and defensive ways about me that held me back from just simply taking care of myself.

I was so livid seeing my results, feeling so happy that I can apply myself and get results.

Then one day I went to take a drive and just as the garage door was opening I was shaken as if something was thrown on me. Something so heavy but I couldn’t see it just feel it and it was that point fear enter my life. I stop myself, gain all the weight I lost plus more, stop being myself of just allowing myself to be, & became such a different person I didn’t know who I was anymore.

What changed it and how I overcame the fear of achieving my true potential that my path was pointing to?

I was hired by an franchisee and he wanted to do a bodybuilding type challenge. I started crying seeing how this was my chance to get back on track of my path of achieving my true potential. So I agree to join this challenge but I told him that I am serious about this challenge because this challenge is my final chance to not give up anymore in my life.

Since I have done this type of challenge before I knew I need to stick to my plan and apply myself. This time was different because now I knew when fear comes into my life how to fight back and not give up. Each day I prayed, each day I took it day by day and while I was going through this I develop a method of I CAN. So I continue telling myself “I CAN!” and I never look back.

Fear tried to enter my life but this time it was different because fear made a mistake to reveal what it truly is and now I was ready to face it.

Fear is no joke. When fear enters your life sometimes you have to learn what it is. Once you find the key to the door of fear you can get out. See what you truly are and how you are fully capable of changing to allow yourself to never give up!

What are you doing about changing your life to achieve your true potential? (Leave a comment below)

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Hello, my name Joy. Throughout my life experiences not utilizing my own abilities & talents I saw how I was not living a life of Joy. I realized how I was not owning my own name. Here I am bringing my experiences to inspire those who seek to unlock their true potential. Bringing products that bring a share JOY in life.

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