The Decision to Fail or Succeed?

Some people I meant in my life have said to me, “I want to succeed but because of others they have held me back to fail in life.”

When I head those words I thought to myself this is just a victim mindset to have because of the experiences this person has been through.  They have not faced the person who is holding them back because of their issues.  That person holding them back is the person that is looking back at them in the mirror. 

As they were talking I started thinking about failing and succeeding in life. What I have been through and how I learned the difference to fail or succeed in life. Here is my story to share with you to learn from or laugh about. Enjoy!

I just started Junior High and my parents were going through so many struggles financially, personally and spiritually.  It was like they were hamsters in a ball running around hitting each other every now and then.  I was a math tutor and I was trying to help them make a budget for their bills and I felt like if they are not going to listen to me when I am trying to help them with their bills then they are choosing not to take other people’s advice, either.

While I was starting in a new school and feeling like now I am not a little kid anymore. I am needing to grow up because I don’t want to be like my parents. I just wasn’t up for anymore bull from school or home. So that school year I made a decision I am going to get straight F’s. I am going to purposely fail every class. I already knew I can get straight A’s but I was curious to find out can you really fail in life and get straight F’s? I took on the challenge.

One time me and my brother skip school and sneaked home and chilled out on the garage roof just talking and trying our best not to be seen from our parents until they came home.  That was such a fun day and it was really nice to see my brother as his own person.

So my mission was on a roll making sure I didn’t give into temptation to put the correct answers down for my tests for each class.  I kept feeling like I can do this.  I kept persevering to achieve my goal to get straight F’s.  Not sure if I would because I didn’t want the teacher’s to feel bad and try to give me a better grade.  I was determined to make sure each teacher did not know what I was capable of and to make sure they truly gave out an F for me.  

I know this sounds crazy, Why in world would you want to fail in life?  Why would you want to see if you even can?  

Easy! I already knew I could succeed by getting straight A’s and this was a way for me to figure out why my parents had so many struggles. Why they couldn’t even make a budget and apply it in their life? I wasn’t satisfied with their example they were leaving me to learn from. I wanted to know WHY?

Why they couldn’t even add all their bills together and subtract it from the money they make? Why that was so hard for them to do? These questions is what I kept trying to figure out at my young age. I knew there was a solution and I was determined to find it so I wouldn’t live my life like their’s with all those struggles.

Then they day came to get your final grades for the school year.  I was getting so nervous because I wasn’t sure if it was capable of getting straight F’s.  I open the envelope and took the paper out.  I turn the page and saw I got straight F’s.

I couldn’t believe it I did it! I achieved my goal in getting straight F’s!  I was so happy.  My family was like , “Joy why are you happy you just fail every class. Are you okay?  What is going on?”  I responded, “Nothing is wrong everything is perfect.  I will take summer school and get straight A’s.”

So, now summer school was going to start and this time I had to work toward getting straight A’s.  I was determined to study, ask questions and make sure all my homework was completed before turning in.  I worked at it each day.

Summer is about to be over and my grades was going to be given out.  Before my teacher handed me my grades he looked at me and ask me, “Joy what change for you to get these kind of grades before this wasn’t shown from you?”  I looked up at him, smile and said, “I studied really hard to achieve my goals.”  Inside I was laughing so much and I wore a smile on my face for that rest of the summer.

So in my life experience at this young age I found out that you make a decision to Fail or Succeed in life. You make decisions each day to apply yourself or not to achieve your goals. The hard part was feeling the temptations of what comes in your life to continue to fail instead of succeeding. Even when you do fail there is always a way to succeed at what you have failed at. There are people who can help or have the knowledge your seeking. I learned to fail or succeed in life is by a decision you make.

I am so happy I figured that out at such a young age because what I have learned in failing and succeeding I am able to teach my children what they will go through when they fail and when they succeed.

If you are having issues that you would like to find solutions in your life. I invite you to join my Facebook Group called, My CAN DO METHOD.

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Hello, my name Joy. Throughout my life experiences not utilizing my own abilities & talents I saw how I was not living a life of Joy. I realized how I was not owning my own name. Here I am bringing my experiences to inspire those who seek to unlock their true potential. Bringing products that bring a share JOY in life.

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