Learning from Each Other

Is there a memory you may have where you had a wonderful conversation with someone and after that experience you think yourself, ‘that was such a wonderful conversation I really learned something new to apply in my life.’

I love those kinds of conversations where you see a new perspective and try to apply it in your life. This topic reminds me of a cute memory I have when I was a child having another conversation with another kid.

My family was invited to dinner from another family who was visiting. They decided to have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in San Pedro, California called El Paso Cantina.

We all sat down introducing ourselves all the kids sat on one end while the adults sat on the other side. The chips was so delicious and the salsa, too! Hmmm! What made this memory to be a cute story was how even being children we had an adult conversation about how everything has life. Seeing two children seating together before dinner talking about a deep conversation of having compassion to all in life even bugs. Yes, we were talking about bugs! How did it start?

As we were eating our chips a fly was flying by and it kept flying around us. I said, “Go away fly, someone kill it!” This young boy looks at me and asks me, “Why do you want to kill something that is just looking for food?” I reply, “It wants my food!” He says, “Could you not share your food the way you are sharing your food with me?” I look and smile at him and said, “I could but will it go away so it doesn’t go on my food?” He proceeds to talk about how important all our life’s are. I believe in the same thing he was talking about it. He shares, “Even tough it was a fly, What about the birds, cats, or grasshoppers what if they were around you would you want to kill them?” I said, “No! I wouldn’t I couldn’t. But if it is roaches I am sorry but they have to go!” (I bring up roaches because the apartments my family was living in were infested with roaches. The roaches would crawl on me while I slept. So gross!)

He smiled and he told me, “You see Joy even if it is an insect it is alive. It has been given life, like you & me. We have been given the same gift of life.” I asked him but what if the bugs get on you, like a spider?!” He said, “Just move it on its path away from yours. You don’t have to have conflict just move in a different direction.” I was in awe. I was thinking how wonderful it is to understand someone that appreciates life in everything. That I learned another way of thinking. I learned that everything has life even if we create it or the Creator creates it. I remember how grown up I felt talking with him that finally another person who is as young as me I can talk to about deep thoughts I was having. It was such a wonderful experience to know that there are other people in your life that have similar beliefs and love sharing the information to others.

I am so glad that I can share this experience with you. My goal is to bring Hope & Joy in your life. May this bring a smile to your day!

Published by inspirebyjoy

Hello, my name Joy. Throughout my life experiences not utilizing my own abilities & talents I saw how I was not living a life of Joy. I realized how I was not owning my own name. Here I am bringing my experiences to inspire those who seek to unlock their true potential. Bringing products that bring a share JOY in life.

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