Reminders of Life

Today I woke up like any other day. Everyday I put God first in my life with a daily prayer for being grateful to be alive and how he has given me that life to live.

I needed to get gas for my car so I stop by at the local gas station. I walked in to get my coffee refill (Thank God for 7-eleven coffee🙏) and pre-paid for my gas.

As I stood there seeing how wonderful God has provided me such a beautiful planet to be on and be a part in. I raise my hands up to stretch and be more thankful I can wake up this morning.

I feel someone staring at me and I turn to see. I see another man filling up his car with gas. I smile as he returns the smile. He yells out “Hey are you not happy today?” I kinda chuckled because he has no idea who I am or my name. I yell back “I am happy! I am just trying to wake up!” He walks up to me and shares some insight and his life story.

Hey starts out by saying: “I notice you not smile while getting your coffee and I saw how you didn’t smile to get your gas. I am someone who helps people to remember to be happy in life.” I really like how he is putting a purpose to his life. I smile. He says, “Once I saw you smile I knew that your okay. I want you to know whenever someone asks you how you are doing today never say Good, or I’m fine. Say your Wonderful! Or anything that is more than being Great! He says we have been blessed to been given life each day. As I held back tears I comment, “That is exactly what I pray for each day before I start my day how grateful I am that I am alive.”

He continues: “You know not too many people know that they are alive!” They have a life to live their very best to be able to help others. He says take care of oneself not in a selfish way but a way to take care what has been given to you and to always make sure you help anyone who you can help. I want to share you my story of my wife. She is such a kind women, all her life she help out everyone and I mean everyone from homeless to all the family members birthday and anything or anyone she can help she did. One time she went to help the homeless I said to her, ‘Hey we need that money that is our last dollars!’ His wife tells him ‘It will be okay because God is providing for us and we will have money.’ The man says I thought to myself but didn’t understand completely what my wife was telling me.

Then my wife gets a stroke her whole left side is paralyzed. As he holds back his tears he says my wife would cry so much! She was so sad. So one day I see this bed entering the walk way where they are walking in the hospital and as the bed turns toward them the man is pushing his bed with a pen sticking out of his mouth since he was unable to move but had to learn how to adapt. I touch my wife and say, ‘Why are you crying so much? You have it better then him. That was the moment in my life how grateful I am that my wife and I are alive. That some people may have it worse then others. That was when I told my wife, ‘You are alive to live and continue to help others and I am alive to help you.’ Her birthday is after Christmas Dec. 27 so no one has any money to give her a birthday so she was always forgotten. That year I wanted to make sure we celebrated her birthday every chance we get. So I got three jobs because I promised her that we are going to make sure she had the best birthday ever. When the time came to have her birthday party I was so happy I was able to finally give back to someone who is always giving. He smiled so big fighting back his own tears.

It was hard not to cry as he was sharing his wonderful story but I continue to listen to him because I knew I needed to hear him out and not cut him off just because my tank finish filling up with gas.

The man says, ‘You never know who you can help and it is important you know that your life is blessed because you woke up with life today. Continue to keep smiling cause you have a million dollar smile you can help others smile.’ I smile and said to him, “Thank you so much for sharing your story” and found out his name is Raul. He asked my name and I said “I am Joy”. He said, “Wow! Nice to meet you just remember my name.” I told him, “I will not forget. You have blessed me and Thank you so much for helping others be happy.”

Some of you may not know my story of how I made the decision to own my name Joy. To truly become the true creation of JOY. I believe in how we can own one’s name to truly bring out our potential within from the meaning of our name to the acronym of one’s name.

Raul name meaning found on Google (Raul is primarily a male name of Spanish origin that means Wolf Counsel. English equivalent: Take counsel of one’s pillow. The meaning of Ráðúlfr is “Wolf counsel”. Its origin is “Old Norse”. Wolf symbolism and meaning includes loyalty, family and friendship, teamwork, protection, wildness, freedom, instincts, playfulness, and other noble traits.)

Raul acronym:

R eaching

A ll

U niting

L ife

How wonderful to know Raul how he has helped me see how life is a blessing to live and to live it!

Finding Joy in the ordinary😃

My goal is for this to inspire you to challenge you to seek and understand what areas in your life you can help improve physically, mentally, and emotionally.

*If you need professional help please seek out the support. It is so important for you to grow with the right support.*

For all to see that you can make decisions just by living a life with purpose in turn your actions will reveal your purpose to shine in your life. Remember to acknowledge gratitude to your angels in your life that can come across your life path both physical & spiritual. Learn life lessons and share with others is how one can heal in life.

I believe in you & I am proud of you! May your heart be filled with JOY!


Published by inspirebyjoy

Hello, my name Joy. Throughout my life experiences not utilizing my own abilities & talents I saw how I was not living a life of Joy. I realized how I was not owning my own name. Here I am bringing my experiences to inspire those who seek to unlock their true potential. Bringing products that bring a share JOY in life.

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