The Degree of Perception.: Part 1

This world we live in has so many people in it. Sometimes one person can say, “Hey! This person thinks like me!” But, is that true? Or Is it more of an understanding of someone’s perception?

All our lives have some type of story to them from who we are to what story we love to read. Each of us have some type of perception through our eyes and the perception from others through their own eyes. What we see is just part of our perception. I am not going to go into detail of the science behind perception but more of the life experiences of seeing perception has it degrees on your journey in your life.

When you learn from your mistakes or decisions in life you grow to change your every own perception. You no longer see your mistakes, you start to see it is a decision you once made. Sometimes to the degree of changing your perception allows you to fully understand your situation and those around you.

First the perception of You, How do you perceive yourself? (This challenging question has it parts to it, it can feed your ego or it can show you how you do feed your ego). How you allow yourself to be.

Second the perception of Others, How do you perceive others? (This challenging questions also has it parts, it can feed your ego or it can show you how you truly feel about others). How you are willing to allow others in your life.

As I notice learning from my life experiences I came to the conclusion of truly understanding manipulation. Starting with learning about the tactics Satan used from the beginning and how others in my life had the same tactics to gain for their own well-being. It wasn’t always good or bad it always felt like you where at square one no matter how many steps you counted or thought you took. Being manipulated always puts you at square one.

That’s when I started searching for answers as to why. The answers I found was simple I was in their world of the manipulation I was at the first step of their game to where there are no winners just people thinking they are playing along and in reality getting no where.

Stepping into a manipulator’s world it almost feels like time is warp. As if you step back in time just to see time is speeding up around you. It is the strangest feeling when you realize you are in their world.

From my life experiences seeing the masters play the game of manipulation has shown to me that this is their tactics they are strengthening and they continue to get so many people involved so they can practice these tactics for them to be able to continue the game.

Coming from a victim mindset into a free mindset has allowed me to learn and understand each person I encountered that each person has their own perception and how they are going to be in this world.

Breaking free from being a victim helped me understand that my situation may be the same but I can learn, practice new skills and grow from what I am learning.

What truly helped saved me from being a victim?


I remember always feeling save in my closet to pray. I always felt God and Jesus was right next to me. My prayers would consist of just me always giving thanks of being alive and to help me understand more of what I don’t know. I always felt I needed to keep learning. Then I just feel in love with learning through my life experiences. I was searching for wisdom.

I remember praying any chance I got when I felt save whether it was in my car or even the restroom at my workplace. My prayers wasn’t about saving me out of my situation because believe it or not I never knew how bad my situation was until others had their concerns through their perception of what they were seeing or even feeling.

The wisdom God gifted me was helping me understand who is around me and what they are showing to me. I got to fully understand some people are just in it for themselves instead of truly helping others in their life. I remember arguing so much to prove people wrong to truly speak the truth and even holding my own mother to speak the truth.

Masters of Manipulation always have a mask they must wear to fool you into thinking or believing the situation is not what you want to say it is. These masters will make sure you never get to see the real part of them. The mask they wear they will fight to make sure you are unable to see through or even around their mask. Until the day came for me when I saw their mask is even an illusion.

……to be continued

Published by inspirebyjoy

Hello, my name Joy. Throughout my life experiences not utilizing my own abilities & talents I saw how I was not living a life of Joy. I realized how I was not owning my own name. Here I am bringing my experiences to inspire those who seek to unlock their true potential. Bringing products that bring a share JOY in life.

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