Simple Habits can Create Differences

All of us had a childhood some severe and some more pleasant. Whatever beginning you have or had it was a beginning of creating habits.

What kind of habits?

From all of the above emotional, physical and spiritual.

Whether your parents were responsible or not, you still picked up on habits that was or is in your world that you were or are living in. The habits I learned as a child was not the virtues of life but habits of those who didn’t know how to live life just be in pain.

Habit is just form of action you do. It can be daily, weekly or even internally. The habit of small differences can make a huge impact in your life.

When you studied in school how many books did you read? (Even if you just looked in the book for the answers to your homework) You stilled took in information that was different than your normal daily habits.

How often have you applied something new in your life?

Not by failing or succeeding just simply making a decision to apply a new way or habit in your life. If you say many don’t beat yourself up on failures or prompt yourself up on succeeding simply see that you are willing to learn and grow.

Your willingness allows you to apply something small for it to become a huge difference in your life. You allow yourself to learn, practice and in turn you grow from that experience.

So simple but yet for some they continue to hold themselves back.

What is still causing you to hold yourself back?

If you choose to blame on others holding yourself back then what kind of situation are you keeping yourself in?

Then think about this, isn’t in almost every situation there maybe a hesitation on your part, too. That hesitation is an act of not taking action. It is a form of unwillingness and a form of what obstacle can be in your path to overcome. So, one day you can teach others what you learned through that experience and how you can get through it.

My hopes is that you see a habit not as an obstacle in your life but a reward of getting through your obstacles (that you already have or are going through) and the small difference you apply in your life can change your life forever.

Here are 3 easy steps to apply from My CAN DO Method for your busy life:

1. Breath

Breath: Don’t forget to breath when you feel any form of anger, anxiety/anxious, or a form of emotional/mental attack.

2. Smile

Smile: Even when you don’t feel like it (Watch something funny that you can’t help but smile)

3. Focus

Focus: on one area and only one habit until you see or feel your pleased with what you are applying.

When you apply yourself consistently it builds the foundation of discipline that will help you achieve anything in your life. Just remember whatever you learn to apply continue to do so no matter the time in your life.

I believe in you & I am proud of you! May your heart be filled with JOY!


Published by inspirebyjoy

Hello, my name Joy. Throughout my life experiences not utilizing my own abilities & talents I saw how I was not living a life of Joy. I realized how I was not owning my own name. Here I am bringing my experiences to inspire those who seek to unlock their true potential. Bringing products that bring a share JOY in life.

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