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How Inspire by Joy was created

Throughout my life experiences of not utilizing my own abilities & talents I saw how I was not living a life of Joy. I realized how I was not owning my own name. Starting with one decision to now being Featured in DeMode Global Magazine Interview with Author Joy L. Brite Summer Edition 2021

Once I made that decision to live my life to the fullest. I saw how I gave life to the seven deadly behaviors and how I can give life to the virtues of life. So I am here bringing my experiences to inspire those who are seeking inspiration in their life.

How my past helped me learn to love what I hated. Being in the food industry is no joke. I became a workaholic and I had to learn that even if I grew up poor in the ghetto I CAN apply my abilities and learn from my mistakes. I learned how to choose what I fill my mind, body & soul.

All these years I spent helping other companies grow and teaching others how to bring their potential out. That’s when I realized I can make a business. So after my ‘aha’ moment I took on the challenge to start my own business & start helping more people unlock their pure potential to persevere in life.

I developed a method called ‘My Can Do Method’. How I took one day at a time, minute by minute, and apply myself daily to walk the steps toward my greatness. You can also join my Facebook page called ‘My Can Do Method’. I share some tips with you on how to persevere in life. Download My CAN DO Method App! I share My CAN DO Method Exercise Edition. I used when I started out in my weight-loss journey and more.

I also believe in the divine and saw the connection I have with the angels in my life. Where they shown me in my dreams what I can accomplish. The vision was starting an Academy to bring a twist to passion & fundamentals to share with others.

What helped me take action not just the message from my vision but I heard Les Brown speech and he said, “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream.”

After hearing that I said Ampersand Learning Academy can be that change to help get those dream, ideas and stories told before anyone has to die. So I put determination in one hand and God in the other to walk the path with him to bring JOY to this world!

My dream has finally come true! Starting in the virtual world I invite you to Ampersand Learning Academy. Where learning is discovering a new world. Now I get to help others who have always said, ” I want to write a book!” Now they CAN learn on How to Become a Self-Publish Fictional Author and have their book in their hands.

One Decision & One Year just gives you a glimpse of seeing your pure potential.— Characteristics of Life

Joy L. Brite
Featured in DeMode Global Magazine Interview with Author  Joy L. Brite Summer Edition 2021


Having products that provide a shared JOY in Life.

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