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Starting with One Subject @ a Time!

At Ampersand Learning Academy we are bringing together passions & fundamentals. Starting with You! As you share your stories to turn into a LEGAND & Become a Self-Published Fictional Author in One Year!

Turn your life experience into a book that reads as a LEGAND!

Have you ever told anyone in your life, “I want to write a book!”

I know I have for decades! I would tell everyone and I mean EVERYONE! Until the day came when my cousin said, ”Joy! You have all these ideas but nothing to show. Why don’t you start with what you know!”

I did just that I started writing what I know. I created the Spiritual-Business series how spirituality intertwines in the business world. Now in just One Year I am finished with my third book for that series.

How did I do it? & How you CAN to!

I will teach you how to turn your life experience into a lifetime storytelling experience for others to enjoy in a fictional piece of literature. Your very own personal ghostwriter.

My goal is to help you get your fictional story self-published in One Year!

How Words can Heal!

Writing can be very therapeutic!

I am offering a creative writing technique that I have done since 7 yrs. old.

How does this creative writing technique help you?

It allows you to tell your story, release what no longer serves you & have a goal to make it happen for your book to be self-publish in One Year!


Heal through writing and produce a book that is uniquely like you!✍️📚👏

4 FREE Lessons: Becoming an Author

4 FREE Lessons on Becoming an Author

Ampersand Learning Academy can be that change to turn your dreams, ideas or stories into a LEGAND!

Free Lessons just for YOU!

Become a Author!

Featured in DeMode Global Magazine Interview with Author Joy L. Brite Summer Edition 2021

Having products to inspire more JOY in your Life!

Publish 2020

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