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STEP 1: Lesson With Purpose

Becoming an Author Step1: Lesson With Purpose

This lesson is looking deep within yourself to ask those tough questions for you to realize what path your on when becoming an author.

Welcome to Today’s Lesson!

This lesson is one of the most valuable lesson in all of them.

When you think of Purpose what comes to mind?

Is it your purpose in writing, or in life, or is it being purposeful with your words, or being purposeful with your actions?

Purpose is what you decide on how it will be in your life. As you go on your quest to follow what you are passionate about does that make it your purpose? That will be up to you to decide your purpose.

If you are truly passionate about writing or wanting to tell your story you are exactly where you need to be on your path toward reaching your goal. Passion is what you are proud to do even when there is no money involved. Don’t let your ego fool you and be prideful when you have found your passion.

What are you truly proud about your passion?

I am talking about true passion that you are truly proud of yourself to do. Choosing writing to be your passion is a road that will take you through different areas of learning on how to be patient, how to be more creative, and how to take criticism, etc… the list can go on. My point is to show you in writing it is not just about words or just a story you want to tell. Your passion of writing is the starting point for your purpose to grow. As you write so passionately adding purpose to your words will help those words come to life.

Writing with purpose plays a big part for your words to come alive for the reader or for the student, like yourself.

Words with purpose gives a deeper meaning to your story and it gives you a deeper inside look of yourself on how purposeful you are being with your passion.

What is the purpose of your book?

Take this moment to step toward your full version of your book. Visioning the bigger picture can help you remember why you want to write your story.

After visioning your bigger picture of your full book version. Take this time to write down those details.

After your done writing your vision continue to Step 2: Know Your Reader

STEP 2: Know Your Reader

Becoming an Author Step 2: Know Your Reader

In this lesson it is about to get REAL! You will be challenged with some realistic questions. For Example: Are you writing your story just for you to read, or if you are an author like you see yourself becoming who will read your material, or do you know what genre your material is labeled for the marketplace?

Welcome to Today’s Lesson!

Now you have your purpose of your book. Great job!👏

I am proud of you. If you are unsure about your purpose of your book that is okay. I spend some time on this question to find my book’s purpose. This tactic of finding the book’s purpose allowed me not to rush the writing process but to really tell the story as if the reader is watching a movie.

Why know your reader?

This step is very important in writing. Knowing your reader allows you to see what their interests are, gives you feedback on areas in your writing that needs more fine tuning, and your book can create an outlet for those who are seeking it. Before I even started writing my books I first did my research who are my readers and what kind of genre will my book be in.

Who’s my competition?

Once you know your genre realize there are other writers who want the same reader. Understanding your competition allows you to see how you can create and how you can get your readers attention.

Be realistic with yourself on writing your book. It is not all about you! Sure you may want to get a story out there but face the facts, Who are you?

It’s about to get REAL!

Why should readers read your book?

What is it about your story that they want to go out of their routine to purchase?

These tough questions I had to ask myself. At first it made me cry to realize that no one knows who I am and I am not writing for myself to read my book. I am writing for others and for those who are looking for their own entertainment in their life. It wasn’t all about me. I was just the one giving a story for someone who may be interested?? I faced my prideful self and dig dip to realize I must start somewhere in my writing. I wasted decades holding myself back just to realize I need to start somewhere. It wasn’t like my 100th book. It was just my first one. Once I applied myself to finish what I started I couldn’t believe the results. This allowed myself to see that I was not the only one struggling but I can be a unique writer because of my unique style. So I develop a method that help me stay on track to finish my book.
If you would like to know my method join my Facebook Group called ’My CAN Do Method

(This method will be used in Step 3)

It is tough to realize that you are writing for someone’s else’s interests. Don’t fret! This is a good thing that you are facing your reality. That you do have an idea that can be created & share with those who are looking for your unique style.

This is where time & patience is your friend.

Take time to research your idea from what kind of genre will your book be in, what are the prices in your genre for your readers to buy, how long are most of the books in that specific genre, and is your book seasonal or can your reader read it anytime of the year?

(These are just examples of the type of questions you want to find answers for).
Once you’re tired of researching lets have some fun writing a story!

Continue to Step 3: The Framework

STEP 3: The Framework

Becoming an Author Step 3: The Framework

This lesson talks about the importance of having a foundation to build upon. You will learn more about your writing style & spend time using the practice guides that will be provided.

Welcome to Today’s Lesson!

Alright let’s stretch before we get started cause I’m tired from all that research!

The Framework is basically your outline to your story the difference is this framework is meant to help build a strong foundation before the creating process.

For decades I wrote in notebooks. I had one notebook for each genre I was writing about. The problem for me was that it was just words being written or a story that didn’t hold up. These stories had no character development, no specifics on the scenery; so my reader didn’t know where these characters came from or what was taking place in the scene, or the story just fell flat it had a good start but a terrible middle an a okay ending. No wonder I held myself back.

But facts are facts I learned that this criticism of my stories where needed for me to strengthen my skills in my passion for writing.

I may have my purpose with my passion but my performance of learning or practicing was not there.

Once I applied myself to perform at my best I started learning more of what I didn’t know or really what I was getting myself into on becoming an author. By doing so I finally went for it and submitted multiple manuscripts for multiple writing contests. This helped me practice a lot more in writing, get feedback about my stories, and also help me get answers to my questions.

The best advice I received was this, “Joy, You have all these ideas but you haven’t finished anything you started. Why don’t you just start with what you know?”

I truly appreciated that advice I received that day from my sweet cousin. Because it help me zone into an area I already had practice in and I was already applying it in my daily life.

So enough about me lets have some fun seeing your uniquely creative writing style!

Get a Pen & Paper and Let’s Write!

The writing practice story’s theme will be about ‘Schoolyard Fun!’. You will fill out the details for your framework. You will write about two pages long, double spaced, & design a cover. (It is okay if your cover are stick figures)

Print out the Framework PDF below. Once you do that you will fill in the areas asked. After these areas are filled out this will allow you to see how you have a foundation for your book to be created.

Download this free PDF: The Framework Guide. & Blank Book Cover

How did your story turn out?

I would love to see?❤️

You can submit your copy by emailing me joybrite@inspirebyjoy.com

Once you are done emailing me continue to Step 4: More Than Writing

STEP 4: More Than Writing

Becoming an Author Step 4: More Than Writing

Just because you written a book doesn’t mean it will be read or even sold. You are entering the business zone for authors. In this lesson I share the knowledge I have learned with self-publish & understanding that it is more than writing.

Well you’re almost done with the lessons on Becoming an Author. I am proud of you!

Some of the information in this lesson was mention in Step 2.

Since you’re a smart cookie you probably figured out that this lesson will not be about writing. This lesson is to give you an idea from the business point of view when you are an author. What you may have to deal with when you are done with your manuscript.

Will you self-publish or do you have a publisher who will publish your manuscript?

For self-publish I am putting together a video you can use as a guide for your self publish needs. In the video I tried to show all the details of what you may have to go through when using Amazon to self-publish Kindle Direct Publishing. I used Amazon to help me self-publish KDP for all my paperbacks.

If you are feeling overwhelmed to use Amazon KDP I am happy to help you. I provide services that include the entire KDP setup from start to publish when you signup monthly or yearly. My goal is to further my business in helping others create their stories into this world.

The other details is cover design, marketing, and engagement with readers. In all these areas you are able to find people who can do these type of services.

You have options to build resources to build a team that can help you.

For cover design you want to stand out compared to your competition.

Who is your competition?

What genre are you writing in & what kind of style book covers are there?

Marketing is a wide range and you can have a lot of fun spreading your message to new readers to get interested in your book. You have multiple platforms at your disposal (Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, etc..) You can also pay a marketer/publicist to preach about your book to gain a bigger audience.

One thing to remember do your homework with your marketer. or anyone that you are paying. You are paying them so make sure they can give you results and you are looking for their best performance.

*Note: There are many marketers who just post one time on one or two platforms, with no engagement with their followers, and they can copy other book reviews about your book but just change a few words.

I am a big believer in customer service so you better believe it when I say get involved with followers. It doesn’t take much time to heart a like every now and then or respond with kinds words like, ‘Thank you!’ You will gain more loyal readers and they will know you’re for real about your purpose in writing.

Book selling is like making a snowball you have to start somewhere and you have to be consistent then you will gain the momentum for things to build upon.

I highly recommend on building your author persona now, even if you just use one platform. It lets you see how you will spend your social media time, what to expect from your readers, and joining a group for authors to gain the support or information you are seeking.

The key take away is to take one step at a time and before you know it a year past by and you are accomplishing so much!

“One decision & One year will give you a glimpse of your true potential.”-JB


I am so proud of you to finished my program here is your certification for finishing my class.

You are AMAZING! & No Matter What


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