Simple Habits can Create Differences

All of us had a childhood some severe and some more pleasant. Whatever beginning you have or had it was a beginning of creating habits. What kind of habits? From all of the above emotional, physical and spiritual. Whether your parents were responsible or not, you still picked up on habits that was or isContinue reading “Simple Habits can Create Differences”

The Degree of Perception.: Part 2

I love stories that bring a twist to them especially when you really start getting to the juicy part. I always wonder how these manipulators feed off of others. It always felt to me I was being feed on. Then I saw how much attention I was giving their behavior whether it was good orContinue reading “The Degree of Perception.: Part 2”

The Degree of Perception.: Part 1

This world we live in has so many people in it. Sometimes one person can say, “Hey! This person thinks like me!” But, is that true? Or Is it more of an understanding of someone’s perception? All our lives have some type of story to them from who we are to what story we loveContinue reading “The Degree of Perception.: Part 1”

I’m sorry for saying I’m sorry!

Through my life experiences so many times I have learned something new from someone.  From those type of experiences I believe we all have a puzzle piece to the bigger picture of life.  How we all can learn from one another. Growing up with a narcissistic mother in the ghetto and having certain supervisors who are inclineContinue reading “I’m sorry for saying I’m sorry!”

How to See Yourself in a Different Light

I would like to share with you a story of my little self.  This story comes to mind when I learned how to bring my potential out by cheating on my math test. This memory makes me smile.  This was going to be the first time I realize what potential I do have how I can orContinue reading “How to See Yourself in a Different Light”

Learning to Let go!

Learning to let go is one of the hardest thing that I have found to be very emotional.  Through my life experiences I have seen how letting go is a way for your own growth of being.  I will share with you some techniques that help me with the process of letting go through my life experiences.Continue reading “Learning to Let go!”