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Bringing a twist to self-improvement. Challenging you the listener or viewer to look more in-depth in one’s life. Sharing my life experiences to help guide you to bring more JOY in your life.

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Have ideas you would love to apply in your life? Send me your idea you would love to apply in your life. I collab on topics about bringing purpose to your life. How you can be more purposeful in life. If that sounds like you please contact me and we will setup an initial interview to see if you are a fit. I would love to bring your idea to this reality!

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This idea of being a podcaster hit me a long time ago. When I was working in the food industry I kept saying I can see myself be a public speaker. Well, now I get to be a digital public speaker through my podcast.

Bringing a twist to self-improvement with divine wisdom, sharing my life experiences and to continue to inspire others to have more JOY in their life.

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Reminders of Life

Today I woke up like any other day. Everyday I put God first in my life with a daily prayer for being grateful to be alive and how he has given me that life to live. I needed to get gas for my car so I stop by at the local gas station. I walked….

I’m sorry for saying I’m sorry

Through my life experiences so many times I have learned something new from someone.  From those type of experiences I believe we all have a….

Life Experiences that turn into Learning Experiences. (Part 1)

*This story I am sharing is my life experience of what help me learn about living with my physic abilities & how impactful people in your life can be. I always believe everyone….

Featured in DeMode Global Magazine Interview with Author  Joy L. Brite Summer Edition 2021

Publish 2020

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