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Starting with One Subject @ a Time!

At Ampersand Learning Academy we are bringing together passions & fundamentals. Starting with You! As you share your stories to turn into a LEGAND & Become a Self-Published Fictional Author in One Year!

Turn your life experience into a book!

Have you ever told anyone in your life, “I want to write a book!”

I know I have for decades! I would tell everyone and I mean EVERYONE! Until the day came when my cousin said, ”Joy! You have all these ideas but nothing to show. Why don’t you start with what you know!”

I did just that I started writing what I know. I created the Spiritual-Business series how spirituality intertwines in the business world. Now in just One Year I am finished with my third book for that series.

How did I do it? & How you CAN to!

I will teach you how to turn your life experience into a lifetime storytelling experience for others to enjoy in a fictional piece of literature.

My goal is to help you get your fictional story self-published in One Year!

How Words can Heal!

Writing can be very therapeutic!

I am offering a writing technique that I have done since 7 yrs. old.

How does this technique help you?

It allows you to tell your story, release what no longer serves you & have a goal to make it happen to be a self-publish author in One Year!

Heal through writing and produce a book that is uniquely like you!✍️📚👏

4 FREE Lessons: Becoming an Author

4 FREE Lessons on Becoming an Author

What you will get out of each lesson?

Lesson with Purpose: Step 1. This is looking deep within  yourself to ask those tough questions for you to realize what path your on when becoming an author.

Know your Reader: Step 2. Are you writing your story just for you to read? or If you are an author like you see yourself becoming who will read your material? or Do you know what genre your material is labeled in for the marketplace?

The Framework: Step 3. This lesson talks about the importance of having a foundation to build upon. You will learn more about your writing style & spend time using the practice guides that will be provided.

More Than Writing: Step 4. Just because you written a book doesn’t mean it will be read or even sold. You are entering the business zone for authors. I share the knowledge I have learned with self-publish & understanding that it is more than writing.

Ampersand Learning Academy can be that change to turn your dreams, ideas or stories into a LEGAND!

Free Lessons just for YOU!

Become a Author!

Featured in DeMode Global Magazine Interview with Author Joy L. Brite Summer Edition 2021

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